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News - It's done! Xanady is back online!

Saturday, 25. August 2007 13:50

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It's done! Xanady is back online! Saturday, 25.08.2007 13:50 by Xanady
Dear Xanady folks,

it's done! The new Xanady version is online!
This update is part of some bigger changes in the Xanady world, so you can be curious what will happen in the next months ;-)
We will present you some of the new features added and released with this update:

Xanady Talk
You can talk with Xanady! :-) do you want to add a new appointment to your calendar? Then just type it into the Xanady Talk input field in the lower left menu. For further informations about Xanady Talk and how to use it, just type "help" in this field.

With the Xanady Groups it's possible to join into a group of Xanady users. In this group you can share folders (including permissions), appointments and soon also Mailboxes ;-)

File Sharing
You already had the possibilty to share your files. We didn't like the behaviour of this feature, so we decided to rebuild it completly. You should have a look on this feature ;-)

The Download Manager is able to extract links from an URL and download all these links.

Also this tool has been rebuild nearly completly. Some featrues not activated yet (f.e. cache feed articles) will follow soon. But you can already view the new surface and the support of UTF-8 rss feeds ;-)

Address Book
Next to some optical changes we added the feature to export your Xanady Address Book to Outlook. We also enhanced the Contact Update Feature.

You don't like it to forget birthdays? No problem, from now on Xanady is able to inform your per eMail.

Calendar in Xanady@WAP
We added the calendar feature to the WAP views ;-) just test it!

That's just a small summary of the new features of Xanady. The bigger updates are in the background and some maybe only be visible, when you look directly on Xanady (f.e. enhanced address selection in the compose dialog, more supported email types, date quick selection in the calendar, etc)
Some bigger features (we are still testing them) will follow soon!

Have fun with our little Lady!

Your Xanady-Team
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