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About Xanady

About Xanady

Here you'll receive informations about what Xanady is and what you can do with it.

Welcome user!
You've just entered the new mobile office portal Xanady.
Xanady's development started in November, 2004. After near a year of work, it has finally reached a state that allows us to present it to you!

What is Xanady?
Xanady is a web portal which provides features of a mobile secretary service or office. You can manage your email accounts, read your rss feeds, handle your files, organize your appointments and much more, all with your personal secretary, Xanady.

For further information click on the Features-Link in the menu.

How can I use Xanady?
You have three different possiblities to get access to Xanady.
  1. XHTML-Interface: Web browsers like Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or any other SGML or XHTML-compatible browser
  2. WAP-Interface: all cell phones supporting WML 1.1 (like Sony Ericsson T68i, Samsung V600, etc.)
  3. WAP 2.0-Interface: for cell phones, smart phones and pdas supporting the newer WAP 2.0 (cHTML) standard (like Nokia 6600, Nokia 6230, etc...)

If you want to have further informations about the attached tools and possibilites, please visit the following features link.

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